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Packing Guide

You have your perfect vacation planned and you are excited to go! Then there is the sinking dread of how to pack.

People ask me all of the time: "How should I pack? What do you bring? How much should I bring?" with thinly veiled anxiousness. 


Don't Worry! I get it. We all can get overwhelmed with all the options available out there. Here is my guide to the perfectly packed vacation. These are the top products that I can not leave without. 

*My key tip for clothes is to pack half as much as there are days on the trip. 12 days = 6 outfits. Wear everything twice with different combinations.

Click here for a printable packing guide!

We have been carrying these bags for years. They have been indestructible through planes, trains, and automobiles. Osprey is a brand designed for hikers. The Porter 46 is thoughtfully designed with tons of easy-to-reach pockets, strong buckles to distribute weight evenly across your back, and tough fabric that never tears. Plus there is a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty!

This is a must for international travel. No if's, and's, or but's about it. Every country has its own plug and you need to research it before you go. Unless you want your hair dryer to catch on fire as mine did. This brand has lasted us for years. It is the only ETL-certified converter and safety-certified brand on the market.  It has three AC outlets, 4 USB outlets to charge all of your devices, and all of the international plugs you could need.

You should not leave home without a portable power bank in your purse or backpack. This is a lifesaver whether you go to Disney World or if you are in a remote village where the lodge turns off the generator at night. There have been many moments where I would have to scramble for a power boost.  

This charger has a 36800mAh battery, meaning it can charge your phone over 6 times. It is universally compatible. It is super slim. You can charge 3 devices simultaneously. It has smart LED indicators to show how much battery power is available.  

When you are in a new bed, in a new place, in a bustling city, it can be hard to fall asleep. We need to have a little white noise to drown out the nightlife...and snoring. This fan has four modes of breeze to lull you to sleep. It is lightweight and battery-operated. It takes up a very small amount of room in the backpack. 7"x3"x1". 

As much as I want to wow you with high-tech gear, I have to get down to the basics. Sometimes unforgiving indigestion can occur when trying a new food for the first time, or even drinking the tap water. Pepto Bismol is a no-brainer that is easy to forget on the list. 

I do not love a chewable tablet, but it is the most convenient thing when you don't have access to a drink to wash down a pill. They are small enough to keep in a pocket when I don't want to carry a bag.

Safely storing your money and documents in a neck pouch or money belt is so important in big cities. It will save your hide! Tuck in under your shirt in areas of dense population and you are good to go. This one is designed to go around your neck. It has tons of pockets, with a slim design, and RFID blocking technology to keep your belongings safe.

If you haven't already guessed. Good sleep is the most important thing for me. Snoring or city sounds are a big problem that a lot of people deal with on vacation. I like these silicone earplugs because you mold them over the top of your ear canal instead of the foam ones that you shove into your ear canal. It is more comfortable for side sleepers. With the warmth from your ears, it will mold to the best shape to reduce noise.

I will not go outside without sun protection. EVER! The sunshine is only as nice when you are not being burned alive. I love my dopey floppy sunhat so much! Over the years I learned (by sacrificing multiple hats on many windy days) that the drawstring is key to not losing a hat. This one is great because it is fashionable, breathable, and packable. I can roll it up in my backpack without any kinks or limpness. 

Exploring is always the best part of a vacation, but those cute strappy sandals will kill your feet and leave you crippled. Try a blister balm instead of a patch because you don't have to fuss with making sure a bandage will stay on in the water. It's hypoallergenic and doesn't feel greasy. 

This brand also has a good product for chaffing to help with chub rub between your thighs. 

There are a lot of international restrooms that will require a tourist to pay for toilet paper. Sometimes the sinks don't work at all. Sometimes they just run out of soap. Bring your own towelettes, just in case. I have been in a tight spot too many times and wish I had these on hand.  

Your belongings can occasionally get lost with the airline or even worst. Stolen. Adding a tracker to your wallet or checked luggage will give you peace of mind, knowing that you can find it again. Just charge it before your trip and then you are good to go. 

This slim tracker is small enough to slide into your wallet. It can make a ringing noise if it is nearby or you can track it from far away using the app. It is compatible with IOS or Android.

The required maximum liquid container size is 3.4 oz. for international travel. All of your liquids should be stored in a 1-quart bag.

It can be hard to find your favorite hair conditioner or sunscreen in the right size container. These reusable tubes will save you money in the long run and they are easy to refill. 

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