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Kentwood, MI

"Our travel experience was a trip long dreamed of, a great endeavor, and a bucket list wish fulfilled!  Jared made it all possible with his amazing talent for planning, organizing, and mapping out every detail. We were very grateful for his attention to our budget and his ability to find super deals in all aspects of our trip.  Due to a severe case of travel anxiety, we may have not otherwise dared to take the first step. Jared put all of our fears to rest, as he arranged a trip that was secure, guided, and actually quite foolproof!  We thoroughly enjoyed our time spent with Jared, and recommend him to all who have the interest to travel."



Greenville, MI

"I have been on several international trips with Jared of Percussive Tours. Each one has been exciting and completely fulfilling (and happened at very reasonable pricing)!  Jared delivers everything he promises and more. Every detail is worked out, every contingency planned for. He is organized and seems to work effortlessly to keep us all together and on track with schedules. His tours accommodate persons of all ages and degrees of physical stamina.  Jared accomplishes all this and more with a bright smile, quick wit, jovial personality, and much compassion. 
I encourage you to check out his tours, talk to those who have traveled with him, and ask questions. Travels with Percussive have been some of the best experiences of my life!"



Ionia, MI

“Percussive Tours is my favorite company to travel the world through. I recently participated in a group trip to Africa through them, and found they are extremely accommodating and personally ensured that all of my wishes were met and that I got everything I desired out of the trip. I would highly recommend them to any world travelers and adventurers, you won’t get such great customer service anywhere else!”



Stanton, MI

"Jared, Jared, Jared! Wow, what a trip! I really don't know where to begin except to say thank you. You gave our group an amazing experience of seeing so much of what Ireland and Scotland have to offer from the city life in Dublin to the scenic beauty of the Cliffs of Moher and Loch Ness to the majesty of Kilkenny Castle, home of the Butler clan. 😊 The thing is you gave us much more than these sights and sounds. You gave us knowledge, fun, laughter, a chance to make new friends and you did it all with great ease. Your expertise and experience gave us the confidence to just relax and enjoy the trip. You had it covered. Thank you, my friend, for helping make my dream trip come true and I can't wait for the next one."



Alma, MI

"Jared, what can I really say, whoa what a wonderful & amazing trip you provided for all of us that went to Scotland & Ireland. Making new friends on the trip was a real plus. You are an amazing tour guide, everything down to the time it took us to go through customs. Seeing Ireland & Scotland was on my bucket list and could not have been more delightful. Seeing all the castles, amazing streams, beautiful lush country sides and more. You made everything happen with grace, thoughtfulness and laughter. The trip was very affordable and I'm looking forward to (hopefully) the next trip. Of course we can't forget our great bus driver and friend Robbie. :-) Thanks for all the fun."



Grand Rapids, MI

"I have known Jared since he was 17 years old. He has an extreme passion for travel. It’s in his blood. I always travel with him because he makes the process SO EASY. I just have to enjoy myself. He’s the reason why I go to all of these unbelievable destinations. Jared is the ONLY PERSON I recommend to everyone for all of their travel needs. Thank you Jared for your continuous determination and drive! Much appreciated!"



Lansing, MI

"Our trip to Scandinavia with Jared was a marvelous adventure and a terrific value!"



Grand Rapids, MI

"Had an amazing time with Jared on the South Africa trip. It had just the right amount of pre-planned excursions with other flexible days that could be more spontaneous! Jared even helped me find activities more specific to my interests than what was already planned and worked with the schedule to make sure everyone in the group could get what they wanted from each place!"



Gowen, MI

"Jared was wonderfully accommodating to the members of our group. He found activities that were geared to various personal interests, but also had many great opportunities for the overall group. We were able to pick and choose which activities we wanted to take part in, giving us a lot of freedom, which I really appreciated. He will make your travels fun and exciting, with plenty of options, but will also be very responsible with your finances. If you want a fantastic trip at a low cost, Percussive Tours is the way to go!"



Stanton, MI


I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you do a good job!  My kids and I are really glad we ran across Percussive Tours and decided to travel with you.  Your website is easy to browse- I never have any problems.

The trip was just what we were looking for, Scandinavia at the right price.  Cheap actually compared to other travel guides.  Groups that are just the right size, multiple countries on one trip, nice flights, clean rooms and great sights--and enough time for us to also explore on our own and never feel rushed. We check out trips on your webpage often and we will be traveling with you again!"



Wyoming, MI

"I have known Jared for almost 10 years and love hearing his stories of places he has visited. When he mentioned he was taking people on some of his trips, I jumped at the opportunity. I have gone to Peru, Africa and a cruise to Dubai. All three trips went smoothly with no delays or setbacks. He allowed us the freedom to either go with him on various tours or venture off on our own and if we did, he made all the arrangements. I highly recommend traveling with Jared or letting him make up an itinerary for a private vacation."



Grand Rapids, MI

"Percussive Tours makes the most unique destinations accessible, and they take care of all of the hard parts of traveling. On a trip with them I can focus on what I really care about-having fun!"



Grand Rapids, MI

"So far I have gone on group trips with Percussive Tours to Scandinavia and Africa and I've loved both of the experiences! Jared handles all of the details in a seemingly effortless manner and really takes the time to get to know the people traveling with him. The trips give me the freedom to choose between optional excursions or creating my own itinerary (with help from Jared to make arrangements), giving me the advantages of both group and individual travel all in one. I will definitely be joining more Percussive Tours trips in the future!"


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